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Partnership formed to develop patented next level of VR/AR/AI Technology - “Immersive Reality™”

Los Angeles, California (Wednesday, June 7, 2017)

In association with Intellectual Ventures, Canadian based SETi has inked an agreement with three partners to develop and release its patented “SIDOG” technology. Its first product will be for the sports sector and will dramatically alter the experience of sports fans worldwide. Its first presentation was Saturday June, 10th at the Business of Sports Conference: The Global Business of Sports – “eSports Pitch” Session. Witnesses attending this event were duly impressed by this ground-breaking patented product resulting in high level talks with interested investors and potential new Licensees for its many proposed profit generating verticals.

SETi – SIDOG Entertainment Technologies int. - Online gaming developer with patented gaming platform technology for multiple verticals that anticipates the future of online gaming and digital revenue creation with featured AR/VR/AI games and apps for sports, entertainment and education. Edutaining games that play out in real time as Gamers are pitted live against their sports, entertainment and educational heroes, competing and comparing skills while learning and potentially earning, cash, fame and glory! First up to the plate for SETi is MLBullpen Designated Hitter© – Immerses you directly into live action real-time baseball games through use of AR/VR/3D systems to place Gamers directly into the batter’s box during a live pitching session where they become be an integral part of the live on-field action. Remote Gamers take live pitching from Pro and Amateur pitchers from the bullpen of various major and minor league teams while they simultaneously watch the live TV broadcast of their favorite teams. John L. Coulson – Award winning Inventor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, founder of SETi, Eco-Warrior, Philanthropist, Visionary, creator of SIDOG.

BDI (Bus. Dev. Intl. LLC.) is an entertainment and media integration company connecting technology teams to global projects for the Fortune 500, Education, Entertainment, Government and Healthcare. BDI introduces companies to Venture and Private Equity firms for project finance. Walter Horsting has led firms for 30+ years into projects such as AT&T, Bloomberg, Cisco, DirecTV, Dubai Mall, Gaylord national resort, Level 3, LAX, MGM Studios & Casinos, Microsoft Envisioning Centers, Nike, NY Times, Office of Homeland Security and the State of California.

IPS Studios (Intellectual Property System Studios) has worked with major studios including Universal, Sony and Warner Bros on games, mobile, platform, TV, and movies, both writing and design. IPS has years of advertising experience with major brands and successful product launches with Mercedes, Diet Coke, McDonald's and more.

CEO, J.R. Horsting is owned and operated by professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes and educators with the technology sector focused on eSports (gaming), mobile apps, VR and other forms of technology. has three distinct units: the eSports Business Accelerator which host eSports Pitch events, The Instructional Toolbox which connects developers and experts in education & professional athletes, and The eSports Competition’s Unit which will host eSports events.

CEO & Co-Founder Reginald ”Reggie” Grant, MSEd, entrepreneur, educator and former New York Jet.

Investor Relations: Walter Horsting

Business Development International (Bus. Dev. Intl. LLC.)

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Looking for Love in all the Wright Places #MiAmore

by Pete Turner - May 4, 2017

Sandra Ponce de Leon

As a follow up to our conversation last week with John Coulson, serial inventor and founder of SIDOG, we interviewed TJ Wright, founder of Mi Amore and the first official licensee of SIDOG’s technology platform. more


And the winner is?

nfl player inventor fashion designer mi amore patent holder TJ Wright and SIDOG placed in the top 10 at the inagural #AIShowBiz event, then on January 12, 2017 TJ places 3rd in the finals and an MVP prize development package is born!

Stay tuned for "Mi Amore" from TJ. Catch TJ's interview with Molly Lavik (CEO and Founder at Mentor InSight) here! Much more to come from Hollywood!

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SIDOG: Creating a new category of Virtual Immersion Entertainment

April 25, 2017  |  Sandra Ponce de Leon

We recently had a fascinating conversation with John Coulson founder of SIDOG / Seti entertainment who is developing technology that would allow for truly immersive virtual experiences that enable a live, real-time social interaction while in a virtual setting. more

SIDOG: Creating a new category of Virtual Immersion Entertainment with Sandra Ponce de Leon


Congratulations to the 2017 #AIShowBiz PitchFest Award Recipients!

2017 #AIShowBiz PitchFest Award Recipients!It is with great excitement that we would like to announce and congratulate the #AIShowBiz PitchFest Award Recipients!

Left to right with Molly Lavik, Creator #AIShowBiz



Thomas, Gunnar and Jim were the top three winners receiving R&D to Prototype Services from Above Solutions. more


And the winner is??

TJ Wright and SIDOG placed in the top 3 at #AIShowBiz on January 12, 2017 and an MVP is born!

Stay tuned for "Mi Amore" from TJ.  Catch TJ's interview with Molly Lavik (CEO and Founder at Mentor InSight) here!  Much more to come from Hollywood!


10 Billion Reasons

June 30, 2016

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10 Billion+ reasons to contact SETi at today

Looking for a free in to the exponentially growing word of Virtual and Augmented reality?

SETi is seeking motivated persons to take a free up front license to our patented SIDOG technology, then collectively apply to the HTC-VIVE VRVCA fund and many other investment opportunities currently dumping billions into these emerging game play and app technologies.

Contact us and let's chat about submitting a co-op application to one of your SIDOG-based concepts, or using one of over 15 we have already conceived and patent protected for SIDOG that are complementary to immersive VR, AR and our new format VARS.


New Interactive Gaming Platform Applies IDF-Patented Technology

Canadian inventor John L. Coulson has announced the rollout of a new gaming technology, identified as SIDOG for Social Interaction During Online Gaming.  A core foundation to Coulson's gaming innovation is a technology provided via IP license grant from Intellectual Ventures' Invention Development Fund (IDF).

SIDOG offers the potential for game developers to create a new breed of real-time interactive gaming that will provide a much greater sense of connectivity to fellow gamers amid virtual environments and real-world surroundings.  For example, plans are already underway for a real-time interactive music project called “Instant Idol©” that simulates a live-on-stage performance experience.