And the winner is??

TJ Wright and SIDOG placed in the top 3 at #AIShowBiz on January 12, 2017 and an MVP is born!

Stay tuned for "Mi Amore" from TJ.  Catch TJ's interview with Molly Lavik (CEO and Founder at Mentor InSight) here!  Much more to come from Hollywood!


New Interactive Gaming Platform Applies IDF-Patented Technology

Canadian inventor John L. Coulson has announced the rollout of a new gaming technology, identified as SIDOG for Social Interaction During Online Gaming.  A core foundation to Coulson's gaming innovation is a technology provided via IP license grant from Intellectual Ventures' Invention Development Fund (IDF).

SIDOG offers the potential for game developers to create a new breed of real-time interactive gaming that will provide a much greater sense of connectivity to fellow gamers amid virtual environments and real-world surroundings.  For example, plans are already underway for a real-time interactive music project called “Instant Idol©” that simulates a live-on-stage performance experience.