Major League Bullpen

Jun 2017 - Real Time Immersive Mobile Game Baseball Apps

Major League Bullpen - Real time immersive baseball mobile game apps

Major League Bullpen - an interactive immersive game for baseball; playable by kids of all ages.

Innovative and proprietary use of SETi’s emerging tech that immerses gamers directly into live action real time baseball games broadcast on television & simulcast on the IoT.

Multiple defensible patents backed by global I.P. giant Xenova.

Disruptive game tech builds towards future of AR and VR, IoT simulcast & television network broadcasting.

Using a mobile phone, VR and motion tracking, players are up to bat facing their pitching heroes in a major league bullpen during live broadcasts. As big league pitchers warm up to take the mound, mobile gamers take their chance at the plate.

As gamers stand in the box and swing away, the computer scores them against pro pitching and others gamers playing along online. Those who score highest have a chance to share in cash, prizes, sponsored products, pro training, fame, and glory!Batter up!

Batter up!

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