Maurice Allen World Long Drive 2017 Champion

Jun 2018 - Signature Long Drive Golf Game (Los Angeles, California)

Canadian based SETi (SIDOG) has inked an agreement with #1 World Long Drive 2017 Champion Maurice Allen to develop and release its Golf Long Drive game utilizing its patented technology.

Maurice Allen's Signature Long Drive Golf

Its first product will be for the golf sector of eSports, and will dramatically alter the experience of sports Fans worldwide. SETi’s "Signature Long Drive" golf game was recently announced at the Business of Sports Conference: The Global Business of Sports – eSports Pitch Session ( To learn more about this groundbreaking patented product, contact John L. Coulson, CEO SETi.

Maurice Allen is a Professional Long Drive competitor from Pine Hills, Florida. Maurice attended Evans High School where he excelled academically, and at sports. After high school, Maurice attended Florida A&M University where he attained his Biology degree in 2010. After graduating from FAMU, Maurice moved to Atlanta to become a chiropractor where he became a student of the game of golf. After countless hours of practice in, and around the Atlanta area, Maurice set a new Guinness World Record for Golf Ball Speed (211 MPH). His longest recorded drive in competition is 459 yards, with a near miss of 483 yards. In 2013, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America appointed Maurice "Ambassador of Golf". Maurice is a contributor of the PGA's Golf 2.0 program.

SETi – SIDOG Entertainment Technologies interactive - Online gaming developer with patented gaming platform technology for multiple verticals that anticipates the future of online gaming and digital revenue creation with featured AR/VR/AI games and apps for eSports, entertainment, and education. Edutaining games that play out in real time as gamers are pitted live against their sports, entertainment, and educational heroes, competing and comparing skills while learning and potentially earning, cash, fame and glory!

SIDOG Signature Long Drive for golf immerses online gamers directly into live action real-time events through use of AI enhanced, AR/VR/3D systems to place them directly onto the tee block during a live televised long drive competition where they become be an integral part of the live on-grid action. Remote gamers using mobile devices, VR headsets, or life sized simulators swing away against pro and amateur golfers as they perform live from various major venues, and signature golf courses around the globe.

John L. Coulson – Award winning Inventor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, founder of SETi, Eco-Warrior, Philanthropist, Visionary, creator of SIDOG. – owned and operated by professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes, and educators with the technology sector focused on eSports (gaming), mobile apps, VR and other forms of technology. has three distinct units: the eSports Business Accelerator which host eSports Pitch events, The Instructional Toolbox, which connects developers, experts in education & professional athletes, and the eSports Competition’s Unit which will host eSports events.

CEO/Co-Founder Reginald “Reggie” Grant, MSEd - entrepreneur, educator, and former NFL New York Jet.


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