SIDOG Designated Hitter at AIShowBiz Summit

Jan 2018 - SIDOG Designated Hitter at AIShowBiz 2018 Pitch and QA

ML Bullpen – Immerses you directly into live action real-time events through use of AR/VR/3D systems to place gamers directly into the batter’s box during a live pitching session where they become be an integral part of the live on-field action.

Remote gamers take live pitching from pro and amateur pitchers from the bullpen of various major and minor league teams while they simultaneously watch the live TV broadcast of their favorite teams. A multi-player version is in development and start-up phase for investment.

SETi (SIDOG) - to develop and release its patented technology. Its first product will be for the sports sector and will dramatically alter the experience of sports fans worldwide. Patented next level of VR/AR/AI Technology Immersive Reality™.

SETi (SIDOG Entertainment Technologies int) - Online gaming developer with patented gaming platform technology for multiple verticals that anticipates the future of online gaming and digital revenue creation with featured AR/VR/AI games and apps for sports, entertainment and education.

Edutaining games that play out in real time as gamers are pitted live against their sports, entertainment and educational heroes, competing and comparing skills while learning and potentially earning, cash, fame and glory!

Our Team

John L. Coulson – Award winning inventor, entrepreneur, businessman, founder of SETi, eco-warrior, philanthropist, visionary, creator of SIDOG.

Walter Horsting, CFO – has led firms for 30+ years into projects such as AT&T, Bloomberg, Cisco, DirecTV, Dubai Mall, Gaylord national resort, Level 3, LAX, MGM Studios and Casinos, Microsoft Envisioning Centers, Nike, NY Times, Office of Homeland Security and the State of California.

J.R. Horsting, Creative Director – has worked with many studios including Universal, Sony, and Warner Brothers on games, mobile, platform, TV and movies in both writing and design. Years of advertising experience with major brands and successful product launches like Mercedes, Diet Coke, and McDonald's.

Reginald ”Reggie” Grant, MSEd, – Marketing and celebrity athlete, entrepreneur, educator and former New York Jet has worked with professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes and educators with the technology sector.

Walter Horsting

J.L. Coulson