Jan 2018 - AIShowBiz Summit

SETi (SIDOG) to develop and release its patented technology. Its first product will be for the sports sector and will dramatically alter the experience of sports fans worldwide. Patented next level of VR/AR/AI Technology Immersive Reality™.

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Major League Bullpen

June 10, 2017

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Jun 2017 - Major League Bullpen

Major League Bullpen - real time immersive mobile game baseball apps. An interactive immersive game for baseball; playable by kids of all ages.

Innovative and proprietary use of SETi’s emerging tech that immerses gamers directly into live action real time baseball games broadcast on television and simulcast on the IoT.

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Popping The Bubbl

April 25, 2017

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Apr 2017 - SIDOG: Creating a new category of Virtual Immersion Entertainment

We recently had a fascinating conversation with John Coulson founder of SIDOG / SETi Entertainment who is developing technology that would allow for truly immersive virtual experiences that enable a live, real-time social interaction while in a virtual setting.

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Jan 2017 - AIShowBiz Summit Award Recipients

Congratulations AIShowBiz PitchFest Award Recipients!

It is with great excitement that we would like to announce and congratulate the AIShowBiz PitchFest Award Recipients.


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