About SIDOG Development Studios

SIDOG - Social interaction during online gaming

SIDOG - "Social Interaction During Online Gaming"

game changing paradigm shift for online video style game play


SIDOG Development Studios is about pushing boundaries by expanding ideas while making them fun, educational and profitable for all. We produce cutting edge mixed reality edutainment tech in a collaborative and protected development process from which to spawn and profit from an extended series of innovative live action video style games, and the tech required by them to attain total immersion.

OUR MISSION:  Develop a series of #exergames designed to stimulate the body and mind — edutaining and profitable for everyone

The end game? To persuade Kids of all ages to get out of the proverbial computer chair and back into the game — for real — by teaching them to think and be healthy through immersive real-time video game interaction!

The research is in and it's painfully clear... sit all day and start to fade away. We’re offering gamers an opportunity to get into the game, get healthy and maybe even wealthy. Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what experts say about what we have known for years:

Exergaming can reduce sedentary time, increase social well-being - ScienceDaily.com

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