Innovative Patent Protected Gaming Platform

Introducing SIDOG Development Studios innovative patent protected gaming platform licensing program. Join our growing team and apply to qualify for our “no upfront” charge PATENT UMBRELLA licensing initiative.

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This innovative strategy enables instant I.P. protection of your creation empowering DEVS with the freedom to securely develop and control their own games and apps based on the claims of USPTO #9,004,998SIDOG for “Social interaction during online gaming”.

Traditionally inventors need to raise capital, file for patent protection, then wait as long as four years or more to find out whether their patent application is published as a registered patent, MANY ARE REJECTED!

With SIDOG you’re protected from day one, and so are we by Intellectual Ventures, slayers of all who infringe!

indie developer video game arcade mobileNo competing licenses shall be issued, however, collaboration is encouraged if others have improvements for your game or app.

Apps for License and in Development

Instant Idol Designated Hitter Mi Amore
Ride Along Skydogging Mountain Bike Madness
VR Flyer Coach Potato Tour de France
Five of 4 (golf) Puddle Jump Nature's Tour
Reality Check Dog Paddle Novice Driver
VR-DJ Wave Crasher ML Bullpen
World Long Drive Your game here! Your game here!

    Or, choose one of many others we have in mind

    Better yet, tell us what you have in mind. If your concept satisfies the claims of our patents, apply today to qualify for our FREE upfront licensing program.

    motorcycle kayak classroom school children snowboard