For SIDOG games we are developing an A.I. app component that will learn from our gamers their personal wants and needs and then integrate this information into an advertising database. From this pool of advertisers, the A.I. component will direct target market individual gamers to deliver very specific ads. Initially, during the sign-up stage, this app function will enable gamers to contribute unique personal information and then while playing games and using educational apps the A.I. component will further extrapolate data based on the games they play and how they are played. This data mining function will serve to further define what a given gamers ad impressions should and should not be.

As our advertiser base grows an A.I. algorithm draws on a system database of ad impressions for placement during individualized game play. Ads are compared to a gamers likes and dislikes, and the system then matches brands to an individual gamers personal preferences including (with their signed permission) those extrapolated by our Bot designed to mine personal User data from personal postings on social media websites. No men’s jock itch ads for women, no feminine hygiene ads for men, no adult product ads for kids, no hemorrhoid cream commercials for anyone at breakfast, lunch or dinner time whenever those times are for you, based on wherever you are on the planet at any given moment.

And of course, no war game ads for anyone at any time! That's where we take a stand and draw a line in the sand! Unlike some celebrities, we are not interested in making a profit by grooming our children for world war three! There is no profit without a planet to profit from!

Depending upon a gamers user preferences, direct targeted ads will be seamlessly integrated into the SIM graphic package of all games played. Your brand and ad graphic will be overlaid in the form of an interactive GUI onto the broadcast stream of the live action scene.

During gameplay, these direct targeted ads are placed about the scene and are made to move in unison with the live scene as it changes over real time and space. Gamers can hover, click on or use voice commands to interact with these impressions. Interacting with functional ads enables gamers to save or print ads for later inspection and to collect coupons and qualify for product discounts as offered by the networks Advertisers. In arcade mode interacting with your impressions by running them over in the game or crashing into them, or shooting them, etc. will cause gamers to score points possibly redeemable as a printed coupon for a discount on your product(s).

Alternatively, these ad impressions can be hooked to a drop shipping component where at games end after all scores are tallied the system would automatically ship prizes to the winners with notification sent directly to winners and posted on the SIDOG gaming networks public section. Here gamers and those who tune to simply watch will see how much stuff your company gives away, and this will help the A.I. component determine which ads get placed in a game ahead of another, how often, when, etc..

In arcade mode gamers interact with your impressions by running them over, crashing into or shooting them, etc. This will cause gamers to score points which would then be redeemable by printing as a coupon for a discount on your product(s).

This proprietary ad delivery mechanism is time, language and geographic sensitive. The innovative aspect is that when an advertisers brand is chosen for display to a specific gamer(s) the ads will appear in the chosen language of the individual gamer. As individuals move about the planet personalized ads served to them will automatically adjust to be geographic and local time specific but unless directed otherwise the language of preference will always remain the same. For example, while in New Delhi, I need ads in English for places to eat within blocks of where I am staying and playing. If I am from India and in San Francisco, I will need ads delivered in my language related to my exact geographic location and local time settings. Ads can be printed or forwarded to self and others. Sponsor related websites can be instantly linked to, sent to others and posted to a gamers social media sites.

Example: There are 22 major languages in India, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects so this feature is also beneficial as a language translator assisting others around you as they also use your device to assist you to decipher local ads superimposed over top the live action gaming scene. I might be from India playing a game in Seattle so my ads will be for local businesses but their branding appears to me in the game and on my screen saver in my native language. In the case of printing coupons or using an e-coupon server for local establishments, for food, clothing, fuel, etc., I would then have the option save, print or forward electronically the ad in any language I choose.  

This proprietary advertising app component also features an interactive screen saver mechanism. When a gamers activity has gone silent a stream of direct targeted ads will begin to appear on their viewing display. Just as ad impressions can be interacted with in any individual gamers game play construct, ads displayed in the screensaver as an impression can also be interacted with by voice command or by hand gestures or mouse clicks or by hovering. In a world of billions of video screens, this interactive screen saver will not only be viewed by the screens owner but much like a beautiful painting hanging on a public wall, your ads will be seen by those others in close proximity. This serves to further stretch your ads reach.

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