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Major League Bullpen Designated Hitter (MLBDH)


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ML Edition - an interactive immersive game for baseball; playable by Kids of all ages.

Designated Hitter - an innovative & proprietary use of SETi’s emerging tech that immersively integrates gamers directly into live action real time baseball games broadcast on television & simulcast on the IoT.

  • Multiple defensible patents backed by global I.P. giant Intellectual Ventures
  • Disruptive game tech builds towards future of AI, VR, Holograms, IoT simulcast & television network broadcasting


Using a tech-enhanced bat, Gamers are immersed into the batter box facing their pitching heroes live in a major league Bullpen during broadcasts. As the big league Pitcher warms up for his next mound appearance, Gamers take batting practice along with them in real-time.

As Gamers stand in the box and swing away, the computer scores them against pro pitching and others Gamers playing along online. Those who score highest have a chance to share in cash prizes, sponsored products, fame, glory and maybe even a Big league tryout?

  • Merging Gamers with MLB expands its audience while providing new revenue streams
  • Migrate tech technology to the plate where online Gamers will appear on Jumbo-Trons at the game
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    Plans are to create a league of online batters divided into age groups representing MLB teams with a champion to be crowned in each category. Draw millions of fans back to the live game and create many new ones through our learning, earning & entertaining training game platform.

    • Easy integration, makes use of proven technologies; ultimate goal – take live pitching at home plate
    • Serves exponentially growing gaming industry, estimated $100 billion annually by 2020
    • Sportsbook adaptable - SETi games can be monetized through online VEGA$ style betting services
    • Proprietary use of Holograms puts Gamers at the Park displayed live for attending Fans as if they were standing in the Bullpen taking live pitches
    • Entertains Fans at the Park during long TV commercial breaks and periodic pitching changes
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