Our message to Educators

Work closely within our DEV (developer) community to help design and create the edutainment exergames of the future. Games that will educate and help make healthy, Kids of all ages globally.

As game developers, our mission is to educate gamers by teaching them to be healthy through immersive video game interaction. The research is in and it's painfully clear, sit all day and start to fade away, get into the game, get healthy and maybe even wealthy, for real! Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what the experts now say about what we have known for years –

Exergaming can reduce sedentary time, increase social wellbeing by #exergaming

Plans are for a series of interactive and immersive learning experiences that will be broadcast in real time and originate from learning institutions and natural settings globally. One example is our eco-based webcast that will air live in classrooms and deliver interactive learning games based on educating Kids, Teens and Adults about protecting the environment.

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Other plans are for a MMOG based learning ecosystem that massively educates student drivers, surgical students, Industrial training students and more!


Join us and together we can teach, have fun and really make a difference!