Investors – The opportunity to get in at the forefront of a new edutaining online gaming paradigm. We have anticipated the future, and our patents blanket a wide space for online video style gameplay for the next 20+ years. Join in on the windfall that is online gaming which experts predict will reach $120b annually by the early 2020’s. Our extended I.P. portfolio includes 3 defensible patents, one patent pending and over a dozen more well-defined complimentary proprietary concepts well suited for patenting.

Advertisers – Be the first to adopt our direct targeted marketing initiative, a proprietary advertising program designed to optimize your reach and maximize your return per impression. Confidential disclosure available upon request.

Gamers and DEVS - Plans are already underway for a real-time interactive live music project called Instant Idol© that emulates performing live-on-stage, Ride Along© for sportsbook, a 3D VR off-track live betting app, and MLBullpen Designated Hitter© which integrates SIMS and Gamers with real (not simulated) baseball Pitchers so VR-based Batters can experience facing curveballs, sinkers, and 100+ m.p.h. heaters thrown at them live by the Pros. These SIDOG games and myriad others are currently available under our innovative FREE upfront licensing initiative. Apply to qualify today!

Patented Breakthrough Gaming Technology