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Grow along with us while you help develop our very first games, Designated Hitter, Instant Idol, Ride Along and more!

Watch us launch, then enjoy the benefits from your feedback as you work with our DEV community end-to-end throughout each Beta release. Sign up today to enter for free access for play-testing and a chance at other great benefits we’ve yet to dream up for you!

Step out of the audience and onto the stage — go from being a passive fan simply watching your favorite sports heroes and music idols to becoming an immersed and interactive gaming participant possibly going on to a well-paid job as our next live action content provider, star of your own SIDOG game!

Just imagine how it would feel to:

  • Perform live on stage with rock royalty and your favorite band playing from your couch
  • Ride your pony in the Kentucky derby from the comfort of your living room
  • Take big league pitches from the Pros with you live on the Jumbo-Tron
  • Soar the heavens live diving wingsuits or parachutes, barely having to ever leave the ground
  • Rip down the mountain with a top rated ski racer or mountain biker from your backyard
  • Ride your board on a giant ocean giant curl and never get wet

Games play mostly as first-person, however, we offer both Pro and Arcade mode.

In Pro mode, you’ll experience the live action from the perspective of the content provider. In arcade mode; same holds true only for added fun and that real arcade feel, the live field of vision will feature Pop-up graphics in the form of Tools, interactive Ads, Aliens, and more with the object being to run over, fly through, crash into and hover on. Interacting with these graphics will cause gamers to accumulate points while being scored against others.

In arcade mode, gamers will also be provided the option to change views on demand and even communicate live with sports and music stars during live game play. Record your gaming experience and replay it over and over for new results, however in order to qualify for cash and sponsored prizes gamers must participate in the scheduled live action event in real-time.

A portion of fees collected from each game you play are dedicated to a pool of cash and prizes. This pool will be generously split and shared among winners and others that place high, including those whose skills and knowledge about a given game or educational event soars above others. With SIDOG you get a chance to get wealthy as you get healthy, both in mind and body!

Help us grow our content and community and become a pioneer in the next logical and most important step in the evolution of gaming! “Social interaction during online gaming!”

All this and much more! Have an idea for a game or app of your own? Contact us.

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