Apps and I.P.

Intellectual Properties and Game Apps for License

All of which include the use of emerging tech – AI, VR, MR, AR, Holograms, MEM's (gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers)

SIDOG – US 9,004,998

SIDOBLE – US 15/348,694

Sublima-View WO/2014/011156

iPostcard US 9,225,853

Call Alert  UBC designed sound notification system (proprietary concept)

Dumb Waiter Dating based app, Mi Amore compatible (proprietary concept)

The Ad Game innovative advertising concept that seamlessly interjects ads into live game play in a proprietary manner (proprietary concept)

iTag innovative advertising concept (proprietary concept)

4 Ladies Only – For addition to Mi Amore (proprietary concept)

Internets Most Wanted – (proprietary concept) Work the clues online, solve cold case files

PICO View – Pico camera and sound projection system advantage to those physically challenged (proprietary concept)

Programmable Smart Glass An innovative advertising concept enabling Advertisers to seamlessly change ads on demand viewable in modified display systems (proprietary concept)

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