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Our message to the Gaming Development Community

INDIE Developers and Studios - we need your help!

Looking to control, distribute and get paid for developing your own video games and educational apps? Searching for international protection and can’t afford a patent or can't wait over five years to get one? We offer indie and private sector developers a unique opportunity to get involved on the ground floor and grow with us. Here's your chance to develop proprietary software and hardware devices ushering in the era of entertainment and real-time semi-SIM immersive technologies.

Design, implement and profit from games and apps using our proprietary source code, software engines, and hardware devices:

  •     Develop for you and us, your concept, or try one of ours
  •     For those who qualify - No upfront licensing fees to restrict your progress
  •     For those who qualify - Royalty deals ease the burden of up front cash payouts 
  •     For those who qualify - Only when you reach revenue do we get paid
  •     Patent protection for your creations that fall within the spirit of our patent claims

We eliminate 3 big hurdles that many inventors face

  1. Providing protection of your intellectual property creations
  2. Securing partial funding for licensing and development
  3. Taking your creation to revenue by speeding up your time to market

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    To further assist DEVS in creating that next viral game or app, we're also creating the SIDOG gaming development network. This private semi-open source network will encourage developers to work closely together to structure deals leading to co-development agreements (with our help) that will result in less time and expense to market and higher profits for everyone, a strength in numbers approach. We know each Licensee will need engineers, graphic artists, web designers, VR developers, code writers, lawyers, accountants and on but few can afford to have them all on salary year-round so resource sharing of pooled professional talent is among our top priorities.

    Once funded, this talent resource pool will enable Licensees, only when and if needed, to draw on qualified professional talent for a fraction of the cost it would normally command to contract these individuals separately. No use paying to retain for services for that two or three hours a month your company might need them so the thought here is that by sharing the costs while collectively working under a common patent umbrella structure will smooth operations and lead to greater profits sustained by ever improving products.

    Want to know more about our games and apps available for license to your independent development company? Want to create and control a few of your own? The details are many — the restrictions are few! 

    Bring your imagination

    Let’s get busy structuring your deal and getting your SIDOG game or app into the hands of countless millions. For those who qualify, only once gamers have begun to pay you is when you begin to pay us, not a moment or a dime before, and nowhere nearly as much as you might be thinking.

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