Instant Idol

Are You The Next INSTANT IDOL?

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Do you dream of performing live and in real time alongside your favorite indie, rock, hip-hop, country or jazz artists?

As an Instant Idol competitor, you'll experience concert events from the musician's point of view as if you too were on stage at the live event performing as part of your favorite band. While playing and singing along with millions of others you will compete to become the next Instant Idol.

Have YOU got what it takes to rock hard and share in part of the gate for the night's live performance? As an Instant Idol winner, you’ll schmooze with super groupies and rock royalty on your way to fame and fortune with exclusive VIP Backstage access like you’ve never experienced before!

To get you ready to hit the road we are developing a unique interface enabling gamers to learn on the fly from their music Idols. Plug your gear in, dial-up a live concert, choose the music lesson app and start learning guitar, drums, keyboards, horns and more from music prodigies. While playing live along with your rock heroes a 3D musical flow chart appears on your display. Along with other related info, immersive hi-def gamers can now for the first time visually follow along note for note what is being played at the live gig, who is playing, and which instrument they're playing live.

With 3D notes jumping off the chart in your VR headset your task is to play hard and try and keep up with the live musician(s). The system compares a gamers playing to the playing of other gamers and to the live on-stage musician, aka- music teacher. If you are kickin it and keepin up with the band and the system scores you above other gamers, you are awarded as Instant Idol for that song. Scores are tallied and prizes such as a portion of the online gate are then given.

Optionally, as Instant Idol the sound engineer at the live event has the ability to mix you directly into the live feed. As an added ensemble to the Band, the audience at the concert will hear you play from your remote location as if you were actually there live on stage. Latency? No worries, we have made provisions for that too!

This immersive learning concept can easily be extended to the classroom where concert based learning events featuring prominent musicians and noted music teachers can be staged and scheduled to go out to Students in classrooms around the planet.

Additionally Instant Idol serves to offset heavy costs for smaller touring acts as bands can now take their fans out on tour with them and have them pay for the privilege. Fans will now see, hear and feel what it's like to be a touring musician out on the road.

For the music industry, Instant Idol presents a unique and innovative way to scout new talent. Tonight you’re the next Instant Idol, tomorrow, on tour with the Band! It happens fast, hang on!

Ultimately we are designing, to integrate emerging hologram technologies into the SIDOG platform. Technology is already being commercialized that will enable gamers to project their real-time holograms into SIDOG games and for Instant Idol, your holograms will be made to appear alongside your music idols on stage or anywhere in the venue during the live concert as you are adored by those thousands of fans at the concert.

These are a few of the possibilities for you to play, have fun, learn and maybe even cash in as the next Instant Idol. Get your fifteen minutes of fame – some restrictions may apply.

Solo with your rock idols live and on the edge in front of countless adoring fans

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All SIDOG games are interactive, immersive and fun learning experiences with an educational sub-plot.

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