Our message to Investors

Canadian inventor rolls out immersive patented AI/MR based gaming platform positioned to spin-out and license limitless verticals creating multiple revenue streams. A core foundation to this gaming innovation is a technology provided via IP license grant from associate Intellectual Ventures identified as SIDOG for Social Interaction During Online Gaming.

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary technology is described to service an emerging niche for a live action hybrid of television style broadcasting and online immersive video game play that is all at the same time; fun, educational and profitable for Users and Investors alike.

Business Model

Looking to invest in an emerging and defensible platform for online video style games and apps? SETi is developing several apps for SIDOG’s online platform providing multiple revenue streams. To open our scalable gaming platform and business model offers I.P. licensing, proprietary advertising concepts, zero overhead online drop shipping revenue including commissions on sponsor and OEM products, pay to play subscription and sports book revenue.

Myriad Verticals

The SIDOG Development Studios project offers myriad verticals from which to choose with the intention of leading each game to development contracts with music and entertainment moguls, educational institutions, auto, air and horse racing organizations, professional baseball, hockey, football, cycling and a wide array of live action real-time events both professional and amateur as covered in our patents and for exclusive use by our Licensees.

120 Billion Annually

Hedge your bets by spreading your investments among our Licensees and join in on the windfall that is online gaming which experts predict will reach $120b annually by the early 2020’s. Our extended I.P. portfolio includes 3 defensible patents, one patent pending and over a dozen more well-defined complimentary proprietary concepts.

In defense of your investment dollars, our long time associate Intellectual Ventures serves as a global I.P. watchdog, discouraging infringement attempts while smoothing out licensing negotiations in addition to opening up new investment opportunities for investors.

Get on board and catch the next wave in online video style gameplay.

SIDOG - defensible, disruptive, promotes fun, education, health and wealth!

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Our team is set to go, your investment is all that is required to green light this project. A detailed confidential business plan can be made available upon your written request. 

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