Mi Amore

Immersive Dating

From the creative mind of serial inventor, hip hop star, fashion designer and former NFL player TJ Wright, SIDOG brings you an immersive new way find and connect up with the love of your life!

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relationship relate communicate talk verbal verbalizeYour perfect match is out there, why not communicate today? Let Mi Amore show you how!

date dating online romance sex boy girl Research indicates that contemporary online dating apps produce nearly a 95% failure rate and that the most effective form of communication is face to face. This is because interactive human communication is mostly non-verbal, hence our advantage by utilizing AI, VR, MR and other tech emerging that brings you face to face, live and in real time.

Deeply engage your match in a designated SIDOG play area, at a live event or during an in-app game experience, exclusive to Mi Amore subscribers.

match fate destiny love hate sex sexyGo from merely matching to actually hooking up by first connecting in VR, for real! Safe dating, know who you are communicating with!

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Mi Amore, like all SIDOG games and apps, offers Gamers an immersive exergame, e-learning edutainment experience that is fun, healthy and often profitable.