Ride Along

Why just bet on the race?

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Climb aboard your favorite horse or camel and race your trusty mount from the Jockey’s seat, start to finish, win or lose!

Help develop the world’s first live interactive parimutuel sports book gaming app. Place your bets! Put on your VR gear, jump in the saddle, hold on tight (it's going to be a bumpy ride!), wait for the bell and your off to the races with Ride Along.

Bet the Trifecta, ride three mounts at once or switch from horse to horse during the race. Pick a jockey to ride with or mount your own virtual stead and race along. Your virtual ghost horse is designed to run faster than any live horse in the race but how you ride will determine on how you place! Lean a bit too hard in the corner and you might just take a mud bath, all bets are off! Emulate the real jockeys move for move, stride for stride in real time and you might just get the flower shower at race end and a big pay day!

Future Applications

Future applications include off-track sports book betting for camel racing purportedly worth millions with most races run today using robotic jockeys.   

Learn from the Best

Jockeys in the business and other just like them. Maybe win the roses and a buck or two while you compete live online against others also along for the ride.

Wannabe jockeys are scored as they race in real time from tracks around the world. Race and win the Triple Crown and just like your real world counterpart, share in the prizes, fame and glory!

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As with all SIDOG games, Ride Along offers gamers a competitive and fun learning and potentially earning experience.