Inventors I.P.

The following links represent only a few of the over 50 I.P.’s our Founder has for sale or license. Please look to these pages in the near future for those newly added creations of fellow Inventors and Creatives, and John L. Coulson.

Please note that according to patent law – If the patent is past the 20 – or 14-year mark (depending on the type of patent), you cannot renew the patent, but you can still own the product and any other materials and information you purchase from the inventor. –

Should you have a great idea that might already be patented by an another Inventor we encourage you to seek out the Inventor(s) and make a deal. We believe that in most cases you will find that the patent Holder might just be open to your improvements. A collaboration means you get instant patent protection! Think about how much time and money that will save you!

This is only one of the many the legal and moral reasons why we encourage you to reach out to the registered patent Owners, and or their Heirs and include them in your development process. The moral reason is simply that Inventors deserve compensation for the use of their enforce and or expired patents and patent applications, and especially if there prior work is what influenced you! This we call the “Einstein Theory of Inventing!”

The inventor has offered the following expired intellectual properties for your inspiration!

Happy inventing! Without US the world would still be in Caves!

Social Interaction During Online Gaming – John L Coulson Inventor

Social Interaction During Online and Broadcast Live Events – John L Coulson Inventor

Hermetic Sealing and Adjustable Valve Control, Flow Regulating, Self Venting, Closure Apparatus – John L Coulson Inventor

Graphical communications device – John L Coulson Inventor

Device and method for projecting a scrambled image – John L Coulson Inventor

Genesis valve (Static Aerator) with numerous related never before published Gas diffusion Enviro products

Like those listed above there are literally millions of expired, abandoned or withdrawn patents and patent applications available. Millions of proven and tested I.P.’s now available FREE for your use!!

There’s trillions to be made out there by data mining intellectual properties! Share the wealth, share the health!!, and we will all prosper!

Attention Entrepreneurs! Wondering what to do with your life? Try this! All FREE to you – University I.P.’s by the thousands! Come get ya some!! YES they are FREE!

The following represents a small handful of the over 4500 Universities and Colleges in the U.S.. Of those H.E.I.’s (Higher Education Institutions) we estimate there to be in excess of 350,000 discarded I.P.’s from which to data mine and create Start-ups from. Try searching your school on,, or

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