Join us soon at a Campus near you!! Times, places and dates – TBA.

Do you remember all those hackathon coding events you’ve attended before? You recall how you busted your ass and stayed up for an entire weekend to end up with only free pizza and beer. Do you remember how, as always, the winners got it all and everyone else got butt-kiss? And what happened to all the new cool tech and I.P. you and your Buds designed and MVP’d in less than 48 hours for gazillionaire tech firms?

Well, this ain’t that, so strap in and get ready to take control of your own destiny!!

Ever wonder what you could do if you had more time and better I.P. choices to work from? Maybe even develop some I.P. you just finished working on while attending classes, and paying thick Student fees for the privilege. Are you like millions of your fellow Students wondering just what hell you’re gonna do after graduation still heavily buried in Student loan debt?

At Unicornathon, yes, there will be major winners, but there will be NO losers. Everyone who attends any one of our events has the opportunity to join our network and develop their own Start-up.

Benefits as owner and partner of your new Start-up? – Keep your own hours! Work from home, work from your car, work from the beach! Work on projects you helped create, and like! Work with other Inventors to develop new I.P.’s, leading to new fortunes and discoveries. Graduate with a job and a purpose!

Seriously, why would you ever want to work for anyone else but yourself and some well chosen Peers, friends, and Mentors!

Getting involved –

Come play your way into a network of opportunity!

Are you alive??? Are you human??? Great you all qualify, so let’s get busy shall we!!!!

Think you & your Team have what it takes to design, control and implement your future?
Or is it just another desk job crunchin code in Silicon city that you all studied so long, and so hard for?

We will post more details here as we develop this concept. Hope you’ll join us!

Thanks, be well, and stay tuned!!

White, black and a million shades in between. If you don’t like how someone else looks, change yourself, not them! Dedicated to Ahmaud Arbery!