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Searching for Talent –

Wondering what to do with that diploma pinned to your wall as you race off to yet another dead end job? Are you struggling keeping up with Student loan payments and other incidentals like food, clothing, medicine, and shelter?

Did you spend good money on your education? Have you now graduated with no hope of a job in your chosen field? Maybe worked on an invention project that lead your school to filing for a patent? Did you ever wonder what happened to that patent you worked on so hard for so long to perfect? Are you wondering what could have been? Maybe if you had a chance to license that patent from your school. Would you start your own company, find investors and go to market?

If you answered yes to any of the above our distinguished Founders are currently searching for talent like yours to fill the following positions, so let’s talk very soon about you joining our Team by scheduling a time convenient to chat!

Thanks for applying!

We look forward to meeting you and to discussing all the ways that you can bring your talent and experience to the table, helping us help others!

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Why graduate with just a diploma and heavy Student loan debt? Now you and your Team can leave school as Founders of an exciting new Start-up company. Yours will be Investor friendly, investment ready, and prepared for battle through your hard-earned studies.

Are you ready to tackle the global market place!