Our Mission

image of dissatisfied Student loan holders - On a mission to reduce and eliminate.

Stepping Stone Edu Mission Statement   

“Stepping Stone Edu answers many of the world’s most plaguing social, environmental, & financial questions by commercializing patented technologies so that we can bring underutilized ideas to reality.

In-Force, expired, and abandoned intellectual properties (patents) are paired in an education, leadership, & networked commerce model. The result? An innovative open-source system that produces economic opportunities for ownership, employment, and continued growth of Intellectual properties.

Our founding goal: Promote higher education, reduce Student loan debt, and create employment to increase prosperity for all!

All it takes is your help!!”

Stepping Stone Edu is a national educational reform and patent reclamation project. SSE is developed to assist University graduate Students (past, present & future) to complete their studies. Collectively Students graduate as partners or employees of a Start-up that serves to help them pay for their Student loans, often before they even graduate.

Employment is created by Students who form Start-ups using existing University born in-force patents and those that have expired, been withdrawn, or abandoned. Currently over 350,000 such patents are USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) registered to the over 4000 U.S. Higher Educational Institutions.

In the form of a competitive and nationally televised competition, Stepping Stone Edu‘s mission is to provide Students with the motivation, applied knowledge, mentoring, exposure to investors. We will also offer grant opportunities to assist their Co-op Start-ups to become a global success.  


Stepping Stone Edu founders are forming a high-level Advisory Committee to fill the various key positions, including, but not limited to:

Celebrities who will provide media attention giving the project international visibility.

Veteran Educators to mentor Students in cooperation with the University Faculty.

Investors to act as fund provider and often to take roles as Board members and Advisors to both Stepping Stone Edu, and the Start-ups they choose to invest in.

Media experts, TV Producers and other Personalities

Their roles will include lending their expert advice and their hands on participation about:

  • How best to assemble a Team
  • When to assemble & execute functions for operating a successful Start-up
  • How to explore and select patents relative to the core of their Start-up
  • When best to pitch their projects to Venture Capitalists, and Angel investors
  • How and when to search, write and procure private and Government sponsor grants
  • The ins and outs of producing TV and webcast show segments
  • How to run a live Pitch fest competition
  • Who to select and procure as Jury members, and Awards presenters
  • How to produce and distribute each show across all 51 States of America
  • Why develop a Social media following through marketing and visibility

Foundations & Charitable organizations

Stepping Stone Edu will also enroll willing complimentary organizations to expand their founding mission. Together we will help make sure that every high school student has a chance to attend College or University. No more worrying about whether to eat or make their Student loan payments on time each month.

A small portion of funds raised by our Start-up’s will be pooled to assist former Students burdened with Student loan debt such as those:

  • Loans of former Students who helped develop the revived patents
  • Loans of former Students willing to assist or join newly formed Start-up’s
  • Veterans’, past and present saddled with existing Student loan debt.
  • Disabled Students having difficulties paying down their existing loans
  • And other Students in need of employment and help

Extending our Reach

Stepping Stone Edu is willing to work with any University, any patent Organization, any Elected Official, any Investor, any Corporation, and any Foundation. Anyone willing to assist us in advancing education through company and job creation is welcome to join us.

Our end goal is to provide long term solutions to support millions of Students and Veterans. We plan to provide them a mechanisms to pay down their outstanding Student loans through the formation of Start-up’s. Our grand plan is a quantum shift in where “commerce meets education”. SSE was developed to help those struggling with outstanding loans. We hope to get Students starting to think positive about turning their loan into history, and their new Start-up into a Unicorn!

Imagine this! – Stepping Student Edu conservatively estimates the cost per University initiated patent project at over ONE Million per patent. The revival of over 350,000 expired, abandoned or withdrawn intellectual properties represents, the reclamation of over $350,000,000,000.00 taxpayer’ dollars.

We further propose to:

“Provide a road map to your success!” by;

“Bridging the gap between vocation, education and occupation”, and;

“Paving the road to prosperity with market applied advanced education” through; 

“The Gamification of Higher Education”.

So we ask?

“Why graduate with a diploma and debt when you can now graduate with an occupation in your studied vocation?”

“Why graduate with a diploma and huge debt when you can graduate as an Executive of your own Start-up?”

Stepping Stone is where baby steps in education, lead to giant leaps in global commerce!”

We look forward to having you join us on our Mission!

Why graduate with just a diploma and heavy Student loan debt? Now you and your Team can leave school as Founders of an exciting new Start-up company. Yours will be Investor friendly, investment ready, and prepared for battle through your hard-earned studies.

Are you ready to tackle the global market place!