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Motivators – Standing on the shoulders of invention giants and creative geniuses. J.R., Sagan, Leclere, Shatner, Woz, Garret Morgan, Hedy Lamarr, Gates, da Vinci, Bell, Musk and a history of others. Stepping Stone Edu seeks to re-invent the education process to create millions of new jobs. The end game? Wipe out Student loan debt forever!

“The new insurrection!! – Join the march today! – Viva la Evolution!”

Who? History is full of those who inspire and motivate us. Here’s our short list! Margaret McMillan, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mandela, Aristotle, Gandhi, Orwell, Captain Kirk, Woz, da Vinci, Bell, Musk, Ali, and the forever gang at Sesame Street – Big Bird, Animal, Grover, The Count, Bert & Ernie, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and especially Fozzi Bear, Oscar the Grouch and Mr. Snuffleupagus!

Join us as we pick up the fight and continue to progress towards a prosperous, safe, and healthy future for all!!

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Why graduate with just a diploma and heavy Student loan debt? Now you and your Team can leave school as Founders of an exciting new Start-up company. Yours will be Investor friendly, investment ready, and prepared for battle through your hard-earned studies.

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