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Here’s what the Politicians are saying about your Student loans debts. – What is your political viewpoint?

image of Senator Bernie Sanders - Political

Senator Bernie Sanders advocates Free College. Stepping Stone provides the financial mechanism to make Bernie’s dream a reality and not a Taxpayer nightmare. Please ask Bernie to call us today!

image of Senator Elizabeth Warren - Political

Senators Warren and Schumer are gung ho to curb Student loan debt. The Stepping Stone Edu project provides for them a guided path to reducing and eliminating student loan debt without further burdening the Taxpayer. Please ask them to contact us today!

image of - Senator Ocasio-Cortez to work with us - Political

“Don’t lose hope!” We agree, and our solution offers Students the financial freedom we all seek. Please ask Senator Ocasio-Cortez to work with us. We promise we’ll do all we can to get it done for millions!

image of - Secretary of Education wants to hear from you - Political

The Secretary of Education wants to hear from you. While you have him on the line, please let him know that we plan to take major steps in the right direction to help us all.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and many thanks for passing along this information to your local Political office.

Why graduate with just a diploma and heavy Student loan debt? Now you and your Team can leave school as Founders of an exciting new Start-up company. Yours will be Investor friendly, investment ready, and prepared for battle through your hard-earned studies.

Are you ready to tackle the global market place!