SIDOG – “Social Interaction During Online Gaming”

Your one stop shop for Gamification, Invention, and PR productions. Mostly games, mostly live – all FUN!!!

We are a boutique of I.P. creations stocked to satisfy your growing gaming needs and basic human desires, and then some!!

If you are searching for that next great thing to license or acquire? Look no further! – You’ve arrived!


Let the gamification of advertising begin! FunAdClic puts control of advertising back into the hands of Consumers! We the People!! Now engage ads in a new and FUN way! Earn Coin for clicking on Ads, driving over them or shooting them to pieces in your favorite Video game! FunAdClic puts the FUN back into advertising! If it can’t be FUN (AdClic) it just shouldn’t be done!

Patent Pending


If you can keep a beat – you can compete!

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Are you a Player that gives er on every note, but sings like finger nails on a chalkboard! No worries, that pretty much describes why we invented Instant Idol. For us it seems there’s way more than too many singing competitions out there, and all they end up the same. A Single winner with everyone else going home unrewarded! Not here! Join in, build a Fan base and play long live with your favorite music Idols and maybe even make it to the big time!

Join us soon and get discovered!

One last note! Music is the key! Stay tuned!


One piece closure, no moving parts. Never leaves the vessel. Twist once to pour, twist back to hermetically reseal time after time. Scalable to fit over 20 designs for Soft Drinks, Water, Motor Oil, Household and Industrial Cleaners, Milk, Juice and more!!


“Stepping Stone Edu answers many of the world’s most plaguing social, environmental, & financial questions by commercializing patented I.P.’s so that we can bring underutilized ideas to reality.

In-Force, expired, and abandoned intellectual properties (patents) are paired in an education, leadership, & networked commerce model. The result? An innovative open-source system that produces economic opportunities for ownership, employment, and continued growth of Intellectual properties.

Our founding goal: Promote higher education, reduce Student loan debt, and create employment to increase prosperity for all!