Level Teez™

Patent pending – US63/648,974

It is theorized through trial-and-error research that when a Golfer tees up their ball, that the average Golfer places their tee on an angle, leaning back, forward, on an angel or sideways. Pros can pick the ball off the Tee with great accuracy whereby amateurs tend to hit the Tee before the ball.

This action of hitting the Tee before the ball can cause the Tee to act as an unwanted directional mechanism and as the Golfer drives the ball, Tee first, the ball tends to slice or hook, often dependent on the orientation of the Tee to the ground.

In other words, Level Teez™ can help improve your game, help straighten your drives, and serve to reduce your slice or hook while serving to also fertilize the fairways and Tee Blocks.