CAPZ™ Closure system

Introducing the world’s first One-piece closure that is permanently mated to its container! Capz™ never leaves its mated vessel. Capz™ features no internal moving parts.

Simply Twist once to pour, Twist back to hermetically reseal time after time! Keeps product fresher longer!

Capz™ is Eco friendly and can be manufactured from food waste products such as Cornstarch and Sugarcane waste materials. Capz™ saves money for Consumers and cuts down on food and product waste!

Capz™ comes in multiple configurations for your every closure requirement. Capz scales to fit thousands of container openings and thread patterns and comes in over 20 unique and innovative designs for Soft Drinks, Water, Motor Oil, Household and Industrial Cleaners, Milk, Juice, Liquid Soaps and Detergents, Shampoo, Beer, Alcohol (all kinds), Fragrances, Cosmetics, and much, much more!!

Capz™ is practical and its over sized design makes it simple to open and close for small Children, the Elderly and those with arthritic hands!

When compared to small conventional closures Capz™ makes carrying large sealed containers such as 2 litre soft drink or Liquor bottles containers relatively easy! It acts like a built in handle for every container it is mated too!

And let’s be honest Capz™ just looks cool which adds to its profitability and Consumer appeal!

Capz in a funnel configuration with replaceable decorative sealer cap (pictured here) precludes the need to carry and use an external funnel to dispense products such as Oil, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid and Anti-Freeze.

i.e.: Simply insert in the Oil or Brake Fluid filler hole, hold the Capz firmly, twist the bottle to open and dispense, then twist the opposite way to seal for recycle. This seals viscous remnants of product in the vessel that often cling to the inside wall of the container so it does not leak and soil a recycle bin, a common problem with closures that separate from their containers.

Capz™ pop-up design for Tetra Paks. Makes Tetra Paks more convenient for shipping by allowing manufactures to ship more product in less space while taking up less space on Grocery shelves!

Multiple configurations for innumerable containers! Capz™ can be scaled small to very large! Capz™ is actually smaller than many other popular closures in use today on favoured drink products!

Capz™ features an innovative Topside Brand delivery system we call the “In your Face!” brand message delivery mechanism.

As Consumers can drink straight from the vessel/bottle without removing the Capz™ your brands message is viewed at a much higher and more constant rate.

The never leave the container, no internal moving parts design that hermetically reseals each time, offers Consumers added protection and tamper proofing where other closures simply fail!

Never loose your Capz! Which is a common problem with conventional closures and capping systems at parties and outdoor events like concerts and backyard bar-b-ques !

Capz also helps to keep bugs like flies, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, hornets and more out while sealing freshness in!!

Capz™ increases shelf life to cut down on food waste and saves money for Consumers!

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