SIDOG – Doin it live right before your eyes!

Have you got game?? No? Then let’s make a deal! We’ve got all the game you’ll ever need!

For decades now Industry dictates that Inventors focus on one project. What a shame! Their loss, that is until now! We’ve examined why (on average) 9 of 10 VC and Angel investments fail. We believe the answer is obvious and that it’s simply because Investors spend way to much time and valuable resources vetting 10 separate companies, each with 1 potentially good idea. Our dogma – Investors should focus on vetting one company (like SIDOG) that has dozens of great ideas!!!

Why trudge through that mountain of “no hit wonders” when you can spend your valuable time shopping through our “one-stop shopping”, unique creation boutique. Inventions and Brands like those below that are all at one stage or another in their design and development stages. Choose from our lengthy of innovative concepts that fits your space and we’ll match you with its Creator. From that point, make your own deal and plan on going to market. The short list below is a small sample of what we will have to offer. Yes, you can still waste your time bickering over percentage points with irreputable invention agencies, or buy into our generous equity share program.

If it ain’t a win-win-win, we don’t buy in! Nor should you!

Quality, quantity, and reputation = CAPITALization with far less frustration due to our unique conglomeration of innovation! Your cash and guidance, our talent and perpetual creativity = SUCCESS!!! Wanna buy in?

FunAdClic™, VeriFynd™, Instant Idol™, 5 of 4™ (Golf), MASLD™ (Long drive Golf), Bullpen MLBDH™, VR Flyer™, Where’s Rudy?™, The hunt for Red – The ragin Contagion!”™, Real Crowd™, Angry Godz™, Blood Sports™, E-Whistle™, Blockchain IP Security, and many, many more!

Nothings etched in stone at I.S.P.I. We only grow with your input, so, what’s on your mind? Licensing? Development Partnerships? Investment? Let’s chat!

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